My Child Versus Other Children Scale

On the basis of the Self Versus Other Scale (Campbell, Bonacci, Shelton, Exline, & Bushman, 2004), we developed the My Child Versus Other Children Scale (Brummelman et al., 2014). Parents are presented seven images, each consisting of one “my child” circle and three “other children” circles. They select the image that best reflects how they perceive their child compared with other children, with higher numbers indicating higher perceived superiority of their child over other children.

Please contact me to obtain the scale.


Brummelman, E., Thomaes, S., Nelemans, S. A., Orobio de Castro, B., & Bushman, B. J. (2015). My child is God’s gift to humanity: Development and validation of the Parental Overvaluation Scale (POS). Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 108, 665–679. doi:10.1037/pspp0000012

Campbell, W. K., Bonacci, A. M., Shelton, J., Exline, J. J., & Bushman, B. J. (2004). Psychological entitlement: Interpersonal consequences and validation of self-report measure. Journal of Personality Assessment, 83, 29–45. doi:10.1207/s15327752jpa8301_04