I teach mainly within our Research Master, Child Development and Education.

In addition, I organize lectures and workshops for educational organizations (e.g., Association Montessori Internationale, The Romani Early Years Network), mental health organization (e.g., Lemion, Parnassia), executives (e.g., The Brain in the Boardroom), and the public interest (e.g., MuseumJeugdUniversiteit, deBuren, Studium Generale).


2020-presentResearch Master Thesis
2020-presentResearch Master Internship
2019-2021Schrijfondersteuning [Writing Support]
2019-2020Psychotherapeutische Stromingen [Psychotherapeutic Traditions]
2018-2020Youth at Risk Master Thesis
2018-2021Developmental and Parenting Problems: Etiology and Intervention


2022 Special Topics in Social Psychology: The Social Self (guest lecture at The Ohio State University)
2021Self, Identity, and Personality (guest lecture at Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics, University of Amsterdam)
2019-2022Risk and Resilience
2019-2021Writing Support
2018Developmental Psychology (guest lecture at University College Utrecht)
2016PSY 301: Introduction to Psychology (guest lecture at the University of Texas at Austin)
2016-2020Moral Development, Delinquency and Treatment
2016Behavioral Problems and Youth Care
2015-2018Psychology Now (guest lecture at Utrecht University)
2015YIELD Graduate Program
2014-presentDevelopmental and Parenting Problems: Etiology and Intervention
2013Experimental Research
2012Developmental Psychopathology


2012-presentResearch MA thesis
2012-presentMA Thesis
2011-presentBA Thesis
2011-2018Research Internship